Enhancing the Learning Process, Shifting into the 21st Century. Be part of something amazing…


The 4th Worldwide NeuroEducation Conference (formerly the Neurolanguage learning Conference) was due to be held in London but as many of you will now be aware, the worldwide situation with COVID-19 forced us to cancel the event in London.

However, unprecedented moments in time call for unprecedented solutions and we were pleased to announce that we would be delivering the conference online so that educators, teachers, coaches and industry leaders could be part of the conference.

I asked all attendees and I’m asking all those who wish to access the recordings to pay 60 euros and with this money I will be refunding flights and accommodation to the people who had already paid to come to the London event. Many of them are teachers and had invested this money and due to the worldwide situation, they are struggling to get work. 

With the remaining proceeds, I will be creating a fund to help educational projects worldwide. Details of that fund will be announced later this year.

What was the conference about?

Well, my passion lies in the following question:

“How can we as educators, no matter who we are, whether public or private sector and no matter what topic we teach – enhance the learning process to improve it, make it more effective and more efficient, more adapted to the 21st century and ultimately much more ‘learner centric’ ?”

So for me the focus was on the ‘learning process’ and yes there is an element of Neurolanguage Coaching, but is it a language conference? Is it about coaching? Neuroscience? Learning ?

Well, in fact, it was all of that and much, much more!

The rationale and philosophy behind the conference is “Enhancing the learning Process, Shifting into the 21st century”.

Accredited by the International Coaching Federation – 12 CCE Credits

We were so grateful to all of our phenomenal speakers for their passion and vision about learning and changing the learning process. Without them, the conference wouldn’t have been as inspiring and enlightening as it was.

In this time of crisis, they came together in such an amazing way, to be with you online, delivering their sessions as planned from locations all over the world.

They brought their knowledge, experience and expertise covering topics such as coaching in learning, language learning, leadership and language, emotional intelligence, team learning, neuroscience and practical intelligence.