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Speakers at the 2019 Neurolanguage Learning Conference
Rachel Marie Paling

Rachel Marie Paling

Director of Efficient Language Coaching Ltd. Certified & Accredited Neurolanguage Coach and PCC (ICF) – Creator of Neurolanguage Coaching®

Rachel Marie Paling founded Efficient Language Coaching Ltd. in 2008 and created the Neurolanguage Coaching® method owning the registered trademark. Rachel started teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults over 30 years ago.

After obtaining a BA Honours in Law and Spanish (with distinction in spoken Spanish) at the University of Sheffield (UK) she did a Masters in Human Rights and Democratization (EMA) at the University of Padua, Italy and Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany.

She continued with her studies and qualified as a UK Lawyer in 2003, but instead of pursuing a career as a lawyer, she combined her teaching experience, her specialisation in business English and her legal knowledge to coach top executives across Europe.

She has created the new method and approach called Neurolanguage Coaching® and has trained about 300 language teachers worldwide certifying them as Neurolanguage Coaches with her training course, one of the only language coaching certification courses in the world accredited by International Coach Federation USA.

She now delivers this course to teachers of ANY discipline, to transform the educational process and in addition, she works with corporates worldwide to enhance communication and cross-cultural performance within International Teams.

Dr.  Antonio G. Farruggia-Bochnak

Dr. Antonio G. Farruggia-Bochnak

Experienced coach, Founder and CEO of Dyslexic Shoes, Founder of Self-Coaching for Success

Antonio G. Farruggia-Bochnak is an experienced coach with over 35 years of varied coaching experience under his belt. As a young child, Antonio was branded a dunce by his school teacher for being unable to learn to read and write. At the age of 18, he began to coach himself to read and write – a task that took him 13 years to achieve. Having gained ‘good enough’ literacy skills he began a degree in Community and Youth Work Studies. On completion of his degree, Antonio began studying for a Ph.D. in education on the subject of dyslexia. His doctoral thesis titled ‘Beyond Four Dyslexia Paradigms: An Alternative Perspective on Dyslexia and Emancipatory Intervention on Self-Concept’, took him 16 years and 10 months to complete.

Antonio is the founder and CEO of Dyslexic Shoes, an e-commerce website that sells dyslexia themed shoes and apparel that portrays dyslexia in a positive light.

He is also the founder of Self-Coaching for Success an online membership site that promotes a ‘bricolage’ (quilt making) approach to self-coaching. In his spare time, Antonio enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and walking the family dog – a giant schnauzer called Ziva.

Irene Viglia Atton

Irene Viglia Atton

HeartMath® Trainer

Irene Viglia Atton‘s background is in International Business and she worked in the corporate world as Business Developer

She’s specialized in Leadership From the Heart – using the Science of the Heart and the Power of Imagination to improve well being and reduce stress for a greater success where everyone benefits.she has been working with individuals and groups, helping them set confident goals with a solid ground to achieve them.

She’s the Director at The School of Images UK, where she facilitate classes for personal growth, and Dreaming.

She has been collaborating with HeartMath and Global Coherence Initiative since 2014, which has made a fundamentally positive impact on her clients.

Thomas F. Feiner

Thomas F. Feiner

BCIA CNInstitute for EEG-Neurofeedback

Thomas Feiner is the founder of the Institute for EEG Neurofeedback (IFEN) and the Human Brain Mapping Academy.

He has more than 25 years of experience in the treatment of stress, depression, addiction, and burnout. In his work as a holistic coach and neurofeedback therapist, he combines neuroscience with brain stimulation techniques like, transcranial photobiomodulation into a successful approach that helped thousands of people in enhancing their life quality and boost their brain power.

The IFEN concept developed by him has made numerous therapists and trainers worldwide successful neurofeedback trainers. Thomas Feiner is also extremely active in brain research. His investigation fields are peak performance, meditation, and accelerated learning. With a team of neurologists, neuropsychologists and IT professionals specialized in applied neuroscience he develops advanced applications for Neurofeedback to increase neuroplasticity.

Thomas Feiner is also author and co-author of several scientific publications and speaks at international conferences and congresses. He has become known for his rousing style, inspiring audiences for neurofeedback, brain mapping, and neuroscience in general. Thomas Feiner is also developer and initiator of the scientific software CAPITO. CAPITO stands for Cognitive And Psychophysiological Test Operations and helps scientists and therapists analyzing cognitive and emotional conditions.

Since 2016, he was been working with his brain mapping team on a large-scale study on the human brain during meditation retreats with best selling author Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Richard Bentley

Richard Bentley

Professional Certified Coach. Leadership Catalyst at Q595

Richard Bentley started working life as a journalist, followed by several years in public relations before establishing his own corporate communications consultancy. He first trained as a coach in 2000 and started his own coaching business, which included acquiring and holding the UK license for a global coaching skills training programme for nearly a decade with a colleague.

Over the past 19 years Richard has worked as an executive coach with a wide range of leaders in several different sectors – professional services, financial services, hotels, IT, manufacturing and not-for-profit.

Perhaps because of his background in corporate communications and relationship counselling, his work as a coach is often focused on supporting those with leadership responsibilities to enhance their communications and relationship building impact.

His accreditations as a coach include ICF Professional Certified Coach, Marshal Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach, Results Certified Coach, and in Nancy Kline’s Thinking Partnerships. He has also completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching at Warwick University in the UK, and has served on the International Coach Federation’s global board of directors.

Rob Howard

Rob Howard

Owner of Online Language Center and managing partner at Business Language Training Institute

Rob Howard is online as an active EFL Teacher, training teachers to build their own freelance businesses as well as teaching Business English and studying Neurolanguage Coaching®.

He is Joint Coordinator for the IATEFL BESIG Web & Online Team, founder and former president of the BRAZ-TESOL BESIG, Online and Video Coordinator for the Visual Arts Circle and has authored and coauthored several books for EFL as well as co-founder with Dorothy Zemach of the Independent Authors & Publishers.

He is a speaker worldwide on Continuing Professional Development, Business Development, Independent Authoring, Technology and Image Presentation and the founder of EFLtalks which was nominated for the 2016 British Council’s ELTon Award for Innovation in Teacher Development. He lives in Poland.

Lee Campbell

Lee Campbell


Sport and fitness have always been a part of Lee Campbell’s life.

His excellence on the sporting field translated into a career in fitness, when he joined the Australian Army’s Royal Australian Regiment (3rd Battalion – Para Troopers) and became an elite Physical Training Instructor, responsible for the physical training of soldiers.

Drafted to play Australian Rules Football with the Sydney Swans, he went onto represent NSW at State level. For over 25 years, Lee has devoted himself to the health and fitness industry, providing training to a vast array of clients, including celebrities, Corporations and anyone wishing to improve their health and fitness. Lee offers his expertise to Australian and global communities, businesses and corporations, in building sustainable health and wellbeing programs for staff and the local community. These include: AusAID Australian Federal Police World Bank Group Global Oil & Gas Companies

Lee’s method of bringing training back to basics has had a lasting impact on everyone he trains; from the sporting elite to some of Australia’s most prestigious celebrities and businessmen and he is always inspired by the difference his training makes in the lives of his clients and communities.

It’s this successful formula which keeps him in demand as he travels around Australia and overseas helping businesses integrate his training methods and passion for health into the lives of their employees.

Emma Sue Prince

Emma Sue Prince

Director of Unimenta

Emma Sue Prince is a specialist in experiential learning and believes strongly that this methodology is key to developing life skills and soft skills as it is the only way to develop self-awareness, upon which all behavioural change is based.

She delivers powerful workshops in this regard and does so with many different target groups including “closed” groups such as Muslim communities in Bangladesh and North Africa and diverse groups in the UK including lawyers, doctors and software engineers.

She also trains trainers to facilitate using the same methodology. Her successful approach lies in working totally in the moment with a group and with what emerges from that group. She is passionate about a group developing their own context for skills such as empathy, adaptability and being proactive. In this way real and powerful learning outcomes emerge from which strategies, progression and ideas can be defined.

Emma Sue is committed to supporting young people and her workshops are also run with secondary schools, youth offending teams and with young people who are not in education, training or employment. Emma Sue works in emerging and developing countries as well as in the UK training trainers, designing materials and providing consultancy on employability skills. Her work has taken her all over the world and has given her a leading reputation in the field.

The skills Emma Sue focuses on are adaptability, critical thinking, empathy, integrity, optimism, being proactive and resilience and she runs experiential learning workshops on these skills to a range of clients in various sectors and many of them native speakers.

Emma Sue’s book “7 Skills for the Future” is published by Pearson Business and was released in a second edition in 2019. The book is being translated into 12 languages.

Antonella Sorace

Antonella Sorace

Professor of Developmental Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh

Research shows that knowing more than one language, regardless of their status, prestige, and worldwide diffusion, can give both children and adults a range of linguistic, cognitive and social benefits. More obviously, it enables communication among people and understanding of different cultures. Less obviously, it enhances focusing, seeing both sides of an argument, flexibly adapting to changing circumstances, and making rational decisions.

This means that language learning is an investment for life, and the lack of multilingual skills directly affects the competitiveness of countries that rely on ‘privileged monolingualism’ in English, like the UK, with huge costs for the economy as a whole. However, there are many widespread misconceptions, both old and new, about what it means to learn a new
language from a cognitive perspective. I will show that separating myths, science, and science fiction has important implications for language learning and teaching in society.

Antonella Sorace is Professor of Developmental Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh.

She is a world leading authority in the field of bilingual language development across the lifespan, where she brings together methods from linguistics, experimental psychology, and cognitive science.

She is also committed to disseminating the findings of research on bilingualism in different sectors of society. She is the founding director of the research and information centre Bilingualism Matters, which currently has 26 branches in the UK, Europe, the US, the Middle East, and China.

Ian McMaster

Ian McMaster

Editor-in-chief of Business Spotlight

Ian McMaster is editor-in-chief of the bi-monthly business communication magazine Business Spotlight ( The magazine is aimed at people who need to use English internationally and is published by Spotlight Verlag in Munich, Europe’s leading publisher of language-learning magazines (

Ian joined Spotlight Verlag in 1992 and was editor-in-chief of the monthly general English magazine Spotlight from 1995-2003, and from 2006-2009. He founded Business Spotlight in 2001. In 2007, Business Spotlight was awarded the title of Germany’s trade journal of the year for the category “Law, science, tax and business”. It also has a licence edition the Czech Republic.

Ian holds the CertTEB qualification as a business English trainer and is a former coordinator of the worldwide business English teachers’ organisation, IATEFL-BESIG ( He is co-author (with Bob Dignen) of Communication for International Business and Effective International Business Communication (both HarperCollins); and English for Business: 100 Tips for Effective Communication (Spotlight Verlag, e-book).

Ron Morrain

Ron Morrain

Co-founder and Director of Studies at the Language Learning Centres Europe

Ron Morrain is an American (Houston, Texas), and currently lives and works in Germany. He is co-founder and Director of Studies at the Language Learning Centers Europe which is headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, and has been active in HRM and HRD as a manager and consultant for over 30 years internationally.

Ron Morrain is the innovator of the concept *Ready-made Mind Maps *(RMMs), which facilitate TBL (Task-based Learning), PBL (Project-based Learning), Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Content-based Instruction (CBI), and Language Coaching 1-2-1 sessions. He started promoting the concept in the mid 90s in Germany, and has since been promoting the concept at conferences, universities, and teacher workshops throughout Europe – and worldwide.

He has worked on education related projects in New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Mexico City, Hong Kong, London, Geneva, and Düsseldorf. Ron speaks three languages fluently (English, German, and Spanish).
He is currently active in the HRD department of the University Duisburg-Essen where he is responsible for the planning, implementation, and assessment of English language training programs for a staff of 3,800. Additionally, he coaches professors and doctoral candidates in English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI).

Ron has a B.Ed. in ESL, an MBA with a concentration in HRM / HRD, and a PhD in Organizational Psychology.

Jenny Dooley

Jenny Dooley

Author / President of Express Publishing

Jenny Dooley, President of Express Publishing, holds an M.Ed. from the University of Wales, Swansea. She has been a teacher, teacher trainer, and author in the ELT field for more than twenty years. She has travelled extensively, delivering seminars and holding workshops in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She is the owner and manager of one of the piloting schools used by Express Publishing and is the president of H.E.C., a language exams distribution centre.

She has also been influential in the creation of children’s theatre groups, which aim to stimulate young learners’ imaginations while enhancing their English language learning. Her research interests include: language acquisition in young learners; the application of the multiple intelligence theory in language learning; gamification in education; neuroscience; and modern assessment.

She has been involved in the development of printed, audio-visual, animated and digital ELT material for more than two decades. Some of her latest publications are: Incredible 5, i Wonder, Right On and On Screen. She has also designed DigiBooks, a gamified LMS platform with ELT content.

Tibisay Vera

Tibisay Vera

Founder of Sparkling Performance and UK Director of the International Academy of Neuroscience and Education (ANE)

Tibisay Vera is a Senior management consultant, coach and applied neuroscience master trainer and facilitator. She holds an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience and a MBA.

Tibisay has more than 20 years experience working for large organizations in change management, leadership, organizational and personal development, learning and executive coaching. As a consultant and facilitator her closeness, passion for brain research and rigorousness stand out.

Tibisay is passionate about balancing high performance and wellbeing to drive organizational outcomes. She delivers in Spanish and/or English.

Tibisay is the founder of Sparkling Performance, a leadership development and business wellbeing centre and is currently the UK Director of the International Academy of Neuroscience and Education (ANE).

Sharyn Collins

Sharyn Collins

Editor, Neurolanguage Collective

Sharyn Collins has a degree in linguistics and is a polyglot. Having taught German and EFL in industry for many years, she is now editor in chief of the Neurolanguage Collective Magazine and a specialist in communication and charismatic leadership. She is also ELC’s amazing Chief of Happiness!

She believes that charisma is a vital tool for enhancing personal and business relationships and given the right circumstances, anyone can be taught to be charismatic.