Recognising the achievements of educators and educational projects worldwide…


Recognising the Game Changers…

This year, for the first time at the Neurolanguage Learning Conference, we will be introducing and presenting two Awards.

This will launch the Conference as one that recognises educators and educational projects worldwide for their outstanding reach and impact.

Over the coming years we will be expanding on this and adding other awards to bring more recognition to game changers in education.

This year we will be recognising the Most Outstanding Neurolanguage Coach in the World and the Most Outstanding Neuro Educator or Neuro Project in Education (non-tech).


What is the Neurolanguage Learning Conference

Category 1

Most Outstanding Neurolanguage Coach in the World


Open to Neurolanguage Coaches worldwide

Neurolanguage Coaches are invited to nominate others or themselves and will be awarded based on evidence of impact in any of the following areas:

  • Impact on learner or learners
  • Impact on developing Neurolanguage Coaching in the market
  • Impact on creating work for other Neurolanguage Coaches worldwide
  • Impact on changing educational institutions or schools

The ELC Team, Rachel Paling, Elsa Sousa and Gary Houlton will be the judges for this category.

Category 2

Most outstanding NeuroEducator or NeuroProject in Education…

…implementing Emotional Intelligence, Practical Intelligence, Neuroscience or any other implementation of non Tech projects, approachs, etc in Education


Open to Educators worldwide

You are invited to nominate an individual educator, a school or an Institution from anywhere in the world, with evidence proving an outstanding impact on learners or changing educational processes or contributing to the shift in education by implementing and demonstrating actual use of neuroscience, neuroeducation, emotional /social intelligence, practical intelligence or any neuro techniques.

Panel to be announced


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